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Logo Design & Brand Identity

Can Create a Lasting Impression In Ways You Might Not Have Thought Of.

When you look at your company through the eyes of likely buyers, you begin seeing opportunities – and pitfalls – that you might have otherwise missed.


5 Insights for Logos and Brands That Get Remembered:

One: Your Company Name Should Dominate Your Logo Design

Graphic designers love their graphics, and may make the graphic symbol in the logo more prominent than the business name. Big mistake. If the viewer notices and remembers just one thing, do you want them to remember your name, or your graphic?

Two: Original Logos Always Need To Be In ‘Vector’ Format

If your logo is created in Photoshop as a ‘raster’ file, and provided as a .jpg, you’re going to run into problems and limitations later. A vector file can be easily enlarged to any size, and is flexible enough to be adapted to the widest range of applications.

Three: You Can Take a Fresh Approach to Your Business Card

They might be a bit old school, but they still come in handy. Especially if your card stands out, with color photography and core marketing messages about your business. Don’t limit it to just contact info, when you can have an attractive mini-marketing piece.

Four: Brand Consistency Is Important, But So Are Other Factors

Yes, it’s nice when every visual representation of your business matches perfectly, online and off. But sometimes consistency can be an obsession that compromises marketing effectiveness, or ignores a medium’s unique potential. So, find a balance.

Five: Sometimes, One Brand Just Isn’t Enough

If you’re selling different products to different markets, consider having multiple brand identities, multiple websites, and multiple business cards. Why? So you can target each one to the unique needs and sensibilities of each market. A much more effective approach!

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Brand Identity Starts With a Strong Logo Design – But It Doesn’t End There.

Company branding programs often neglect an important fact: that a company’s ‘core messages’ are just as important to that brand –– and people’s perceptions of it — as their logo and other graphic elements. What one competitive advantage sets you apart from the pack? Let’s explore that question together.

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