What You Need to Know.

For an Atlanta company website or other marketing piece that resonates with buyers, start by asking the right questions.

Why does so much marketing miss its target?


Do a Google search for just about any business category, and check out some of the company websites that come up. You’ll notice that most of them say pretty much the same things. Is that any way to stand out in a competitive marketplace?

Look closer, and you’ll notice something else: most businesses love to talk about themselves, and how wonderful they think they are. They gush about their ‘vision’, their ‘experience’, and their ‘commitment to excellence.’ 

Buyers, of course, are coming at things from a very different perspective. When people like you are searching online to solve a problem or achieve a goal,  your mind is on your own questions, issues, concerns and considerations.

If you land on an Atlanta business website that focuses on what’s truly important to you, you’ll be drawn in closer. There’s a connection. Since they genuinely seem to understand your needs, they’re more likely to solve them.

If, however, the company is too busy talking about about themselves to address your issues, that’s known as a disconnect. Typically, web visitors respond to disconnects by lurching for the Back Button. You’ve done it a million times yourself. 


Aiming higher starts with digging deeper.


When you and I begin discussing your marketing project, I’ll ask questions that likely have never been asked before. We’ll look closer at the true strengths of your company, as well as the deeper needs of your audience. And I’ll help connect the two in a way that’s fresh, unique and meaningful to the people you’re trying to reach.

You know a lot about the people you sell to. Let’s take those insights and put them to work, because a good strategy starts with the customer, not just the company. To connect with busy, cautious, cost-cutting humans, tap into what they already think and feel. Show you share their values. Further their agenda with your solutions.

When talking with any designer about your project, be sure they address these essential issues. Focusing just on what the piece will look like only takes you halfway there. As a designer, I know that strong design conveys professionalism and a brand personality. As a writer, I know it’s on-target messaging that motivates readers to act.

If this approach makes sense to you, we may be a good fit. Are you ready to begin the conversation, and to start digging? Once your Atlanta company website or other marketing project is complete, you’ll quickly see the advantages of having a solid website strategy. And so will the people who buy from you.


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 Tom makes a special effort to understand our product and message, then designs extremely effective materials in a timely manner.

Keith Antonia, University of North Georgia

Think about it:


Even the most skilled marketers can’t forcibly sell anything to anyone. The skill comes in, perhaps, by appealing to the reader’s natural self-interest in such an insightful way that people sell themselves.

That magic happens when the seller’s message taps into something that’s already inside the buyer. And that something, most likely, has both logical and emotional aspects.

An authentic approach to your company website means you really do understand what’s important to people. Because those things are important to you too.


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